Preventative clean

To help prevent Coronavirus from contaminating your premises,
staff and customers, regular environmental deep cleaning is a

Decontaminating your premises will not only help to prevent
viruses such as COVID-19; deep cleaning will also reassure
your clients, customers and staff that they are in a safe, sterile
environment. Your reputation will be protected, you will gain the
trust of your customers and your staff will stay healthy. Studies
have shown that cleaner environments promote a higher level of
hygienic behaviour within the general public.

Decontamination cleaning eliminates harmful
bacteria and infectious organisms from all surfaces, greatly
reducing the risk of infection. Without correct deep cleaning
techniques to disinfect and sterilise, bacteria on surfaces will not
be eliminated.

Email or call for free advice and support with all aspects of
Coronavirus cleaning.

Are you at risk?

Is there high traffic areas within my premises?
Does my businesses have a large footfall?
Do I want to reassure staff and customers whilst on site?
Do I want to minimise staff absence?
Do I want to mitigate loss of revenue?
How would I feel if someone got sick in my premises?
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Imagine, the impact an outbreak of the Coronavirus could have
on your business premises. COVID-19, SARS, MERS,
SARS-COV-2 could potentially infect your staff, work colleagues
or customers, having a hugely detrimental effect on your
reputation and revenue.

As Coronavirus spreads through a community, people will tend
to avoid areas of high footfall, practice social distancing and
workplace absenteeism will increase.

Act now to reassure your staff and customers that you are
taking proactive, decisive, positive action to protect them from
Coronavirus..  prevention is always better than cure.
Prevention, eradication and support
Coronavirus eradication clean

If a positive case of Coronavirus has
been detected within your premises, don't panic.

To determine what action to take,
see the government
response to coronavirus on GOV.UK.  This will provide
practical advice and help you to establish your legal
responsibilities around reporting the virus.

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Regular cleaning methods and cleaning chemicals will not be
effective in killing harmful bacteria or germs. Specialised deep
cleaning must be carried out to the required standard and
guidelines to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Specialised Coronavirus disinfectants certified to EN14476
standards and sophisticated ionised Hydrogen Peroxide
fogging technology are just some of the decontamination
procedures we use to eradicate Coronavirus.

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