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tel: 07779031737

Trauma Cleaning Invergarry
Biohazard Cleaning UK is the market leader in the field of
trauma, accident and crime scene cleaning.
Our trauma clean up service involves the clean up and
containment of deadly blood borne spores which are released
into the local atmosphere when a trauma occurs. We offer our
service to private businesses, local authorities, coroners,
undertakers, emergency services and members of the public.
We have been called upon to help out after many traumatic
events such as fatal accidents, suicides, undiscovered and
discovered deaths and murders. We always work with
compassion, discretion and with public and employee safety
being at the forefront of all trauma cleaning.

Crime scenes, suicide scenes and natural deaths harbour
hazardous fluids, produce foul malodours and contain airborne  
bacteria which can be extremely harmful to persons within the
localised environment to the crime scene. It is extremely
important that these Biohazards are cleaned quickly and
thoroughly if any infection is to be avoided. Our specialist crime
scene cleaners are available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the
Our crime scene cleaning experts understand the sensitive
nature of cleaning areas where a suicide, natural or unnatural
death has occurred. Whilst performing a crime scene clean
they make every effort to ensure they are discreet and sensitive
to the parties involved.

Unfortunately accidents are an everyday occurrence throughout
the whole of the UK, a number of such accidents require the
attention of a specialised cleaning company such as Biohazard
Cleaning UK to restore the accident site back to its original state.
Often this service is requested after an accident or fatality at
home, on the highway or in the workplace. Biohazard materials
such as blood, bodily fluids or faeces are commonly found at the
scene of an industrial accident, road accident or fatality.

Such biohazards contain dangerous bacteria, this can cause a
infectious disease to persons within the local environment.
We have rapid response teams throughout the United kingdom,
they can react immediately to any accident clean requested at
any time of day or night.